Join 3-Cushion USA

In order to become eligible to compete in any, official ‘3-Cushion USA’ event, we ask that you join our annual form registry for just $25 which, supports the organization with our minimum cost of operations. 

Please Note: Membership plans are available for those who wish to join us for 1 year at $25.00 or for 3 years at the discounted price of $60.00 however, if you decide to pay this membership via the PayPal option available below, we have included and additional $2 and $5 respectively, in order to offset payment fees. If you wish to mail a check for membership instead, please send a valid bank check or money order, Payable to: ‘3-Cushion USA Promotions’ and mail to our office at: 32 Brinton Dr. Nashua, New Hampshire, 03064